New and revised incentives are available for businesses to employ more apprentices

The skills shortage has been a major problem for the automotive industry for a very long time. The latest State Budget released by the State Government in June has introduced additional incentives to try and reduce the number of automotive industry positions that remain vacant.
Skills SA through WorkReady brings together government subsidised training, employment and skills initiatives plus investment.
MTA members and anyone associated in the automotive retail, repair and service sector can take advantage of these incentives to employ more apprentices.
The table below list the current incentives and support programs being delivered by either the State or Federal Government.
Incentive or Support  Recipient  State of National Level   Purpose
Job Accelerator Grant Employers State  The Job Accelerator Grant has been increased by up to $5,000 for each eligible new apprentice or trainee. The additional amount will be paid in two equal instalments on the first and second anniversary of employment. Businesses with payrolls between $600,000 and $5 million will receive up to $15,000 for each new apprentice and trainee, while small businesses with payrolls up to $600,000 will receive up to $9,000. Eligibility will be backdated to match the existing Job Accelerator Grant applications such that businesses which have already.
Critical Skills Fund Employers State Employers that complete apprentices and trainees in qualifications on the Critical Skills List may be eligible to receive a bonus completion payment of up to $2,000.
Group Training Organisation Support Program Group Training Organisations State GTOs receive grants in lieu of direct payroll tax relief, to employ and place apprentices and trainees with host employers, including small and medium enterprises.
South Australian Group Training Program Group Training Organisations State GTOs are funded to employ and place apprentices and trainees with host employers, including small and medium enterprises.
Travel and Accommodation Allowance Apprentices and trainees State Travel and accommodation allowances up to $8,000 per individual per year are paid to rural and regional apprentices and trainees who must travel excessive distances to attend their training venue.
Payroll tax exemption  Employers State Employers whose payroll is below $600,000 per annum are exempt from paying payroll tax. 
ReturnToWork SA premium exemption Employers State Employers that employ an apprentice will have the remuneration paid to the apprentice, multiplied by the industry premium rate, deducted from their insurance premium.
Australian Apprenticeships Incentives Programme (AAIP) Employers National A suite of employer incentives are available through the AAIP, including a standard $1,500 commencement incentive and a $2,500 completion for employers of new worker apprentices.

For any further information about the list of incentives displayed and available to employers and trainees, please visit or ring the information line on 1800 506 266.
Alternatively you can click here or call 8291 2000 to contact Nathan Robinson for further assistance.