A rushed task leads to serious thumb lacerations. 

An apprentice recently sustained several lacerations requiring stitches to their thumb and a tendon when the 5 inch angle grinder cutting disc they were using grabbed and shattered, then kicked back and contacted their thumb. 

The apprentice had been cutting a centre bolt thread of a leaf spring pack which was installed on a truck trailer. A plastic surgeon was required for surgical intervention, showing the seriousness of the accident. The apprentice was placed on modified duties for a month during rehabilitation. 

Click here to access the incident report with associated images. 

Hosts and members should be mindful of duty of the care they have under the legislation and the need to ensure they are providing safe workplaces for their workers. This can be achieved through consultation with workers through a safety committee, toolbox meetings or workplace memos. 

Business owners should be conducting risk assessments on a regular basis to ensure that things are in place to either eliminate or reduce the risk of injuries. Part of this regime could include training and supervision. 

To help minimise the risks in your workplace, the MTA has a range of training for managers and employees. Click here for a list of courses the MTA provides or email the Workplace Relations team by clicking here.