Vehicle Painters

Vehicle Painters prepare surfaces of vehicles, match and mix colours and apply primer and finishing coats of paint.

Entry into your apprenticeship

Year 11 or 12 is preferred
Successful completion of MTA's Pre-Selection Test

Your apprenticeship consists of:

  • On the job training: training received at a Host Employer.
  • Off the job training: this is undertaken at MTA Group Training Scheme Inc's Registered Training Organisation or other RTO
  • Contract Duration: Has normally been 4 years but recent changes allow for a competency based training approach for possible earlier completion

Employment Opportunities:

Vehicle Painters mainly work for crash repair firms and motor vehicle manufacturers.

Experienced vehicle painters may become representatives for paint manufacturers or assessors with insurance companies.

Tasks that may be completed by a Vehicle Painter

  • Remove rough spots on vehicle panels
  • Sanding surfaces by hand or with power sanders
  • Covering areas not to be painted with masking tape and paper
  • Colour matches and mixes paints to match paint shades or selects pre-mixed paint
  • Applies primer and finishing coats using spray guns and rubs down surfaces between coats
  • Touches up paintwork and applies polish to vehicles
  • Removes masking papers, waxes and polishes finished paintwork
  • May paint signs or artwork on vehicles
  • May treat vehicles with rust-proofing chemicals.

Personal Requirements

  • Enjoy practical and manual activities
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Normal colour vision
  • No allergies to thinners or paints
  • No breathing-related problems
  • Ability to stand or bend for extended periods of time


Certificate III in Automotive Refinishing Technology AUR32416 is delivered through the MTA RTO (Provider number 2293).