9 May 2017



The Motor Trade Association of South Australia has welcomed new initiatives to improve apprentice commencement, retention and completion rates in the automotive industry.

MTA SA CEO Paul Unerkov said tonight that with approximately 1,500 automotive skills shortages in South Australia, and more than 16,000 nation-wide, it was crucial that young people received greater support to complete their qualification in the automotive trades.

“We know there has been a huge decline of over 40 per cent in the number of automotive apprentices entering the industry over the last four years,” Mr Unerkov said.
“A renewed focus on attracting and supporting young people as they acquire the skills and knowledge required to complete their trade qualification is welcomed.”

“The $60 million dollars for industry specific mentoring has a proven track record in improving retention and job outcomes for young people in the automotive industry.”

“Apprentices are most at risk of withdrawing from their training in the first 12 months.”

“This funding will enable a greater level of personalised assistance for apprentices to complete their trade qualification.”

“It will also give confidence to businesses who want to employ apprentices in the automotive industry.”

“The $1.5 billion Skilling Australians Fund should also improve linkages between schooling, training and employment of young people, which will improve business productivity.”

“This will increase the numbers of young people coming into apprenticeships to meet skills shortages.”

“The MTA has strongly argued that this support was needed to ensure the sustainability of small and medium sized automotive business and secure employment pathways for young people who want to enter the automotive industry,” Mr Unerkov said.

“The MTA recognises that NXT’s Senator Stirling Griff has been instrumental in negotiating this package with the Government and in recognising the need for greater mentoring support for apprentices.”