Wednesday 09 August 2017


Automotive Industry Heading in the Right Direction


The Motor Trade Association of South Australia has today released the first national snapshot of the automotive industry, Directions in Australia’s Automotive Industry, a report developed in conjunction with its sister bodies across Australia. 

MTA CEO Paul Unerkov said the report highlighted the strength of the automotive retail, service and repair industry and was the largest of its kind ever undertaken with over 1,000 businesses surveyed.

“The automotive retail, service and repair sector, which constitutes the overwhelming majority of the automotive industry, employs 29,026 South Australians in 4,857 businesses, compared to the 2015 ASA Automotive E-Scan results of 26,820 employees across 4,403 businesses” Mr Unerkov said. 

“The report found there are 1,635 automotive skills shortages in South Australia, which provides an opportunity to increase the number of people the industry employs over time.” 

“It also found that the South Australian average vehicle age was 11.4 years old compared to 10.1 nationally, making it the second oldest fleet in the nation behind Tasmania.” 

“While the South Australian automotive industry is incredibly strong, it does face a number of challenges and opportunities over the next 12 months,” Mr Unerkov said. 

“With South Australia experiencing the highest unemployment rates in the nation, the skills shortage is an opportunity to train more people and get them into jobs. 

“If we can encourage more people to enter the industry, especially compared to other sectors and improve the quality of these industry entrants, we will go a long way to resolving the skills shortage.” 

“Fixing the skills crisis in the automotive industry is critical to increasing business productivity and encouraging business expansion.” 

“Making sure that we are prepared for future technology in terms of training and regulations is a key challenge.” 

“The report highlights the leadership position South Australia has taken in preparing for the emergence of autonomous, electric, hybrid and hydrogen technology through initiatives such as the Motor Vehicle (Trials of Automotive Technologies) Amendment Bill 2015, the Low Emission Vehicle Strategy and the Centre for Automotive Safety Research.” 

“We must ensure that there is a level playing field for South Australian businesses enabling the industry to continue to be competitive, provide jobs and deliver prosperity to South Australians.” 

“This includes preventing personal importation of vehicles and parts from overseas, anti-competitive conduct by insurers, improving access to repair information arrangements and getting a fairer deal for franchise businesses.