November motorcycle and vehicle registration data. 

Used registrations for motorcycles originating from dealers are 1,245 vs 1,163 for the same period last year indicating that more customers are choosing to purchase from dealers. However, as shown below dealer to private registrations has been considerably stronger two months running compared to the same months in previous years.



There were 88 more total motorcycle registrations (new and used) than October (+4.94%) but a decrease of 52 from November 2016. This now brings the YTD slightly ahead of 2016 (18,463 compared to 18,372).

Used motorcycle registrations are up by 320 units YTD compared to the same time in 2016 (2.17%), and up by 107 units on October (7.31%).

The November Vehicle Registration Report highlights a positive monthly result for new vehicle sales with a 10% increase year over year. YTD this positions November at 2,109 more total registrations (378,631 vs 376,522 this time last year).

South Australia recorded an 8.56% increase on October vehicle sales (+499) totalling 6,330 and an increase on November last year of 71 (+1.13%).

November’s SUV result was very strong compared to November last year, up 3212 nationally (8.56%) and up 305 in SA (12.7%).

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To view the full Motorcycle Registration Report for November, click below.