About the MTA

The Motor Trade Association of South Australia is the peak employer organisation for the retail, service and repair sector of South Australia's automotive industry. We exist to protect and grow the industry for our members by helping to make your business better.

The automotive retail, service and repair sector is one of the most important economic drivers in South Australia, with more than 4,500 business employing 28,500 people. Annually, the economy benefits from the $2.8 billion contribution our sector makes to our prosperity.

With more than 1,100 members, the MTA is your trusted source for WHS, IR, government advocacy, training and employment and industry information.

WHS experts, HR managers, workplace lawyers, apprentice mentors, technical experts and marketing professionals. Most businesses don’t have the capacity to employ these people independently. That’s where the MTA comes in.

MTA members belong to the foremost professional association dedicated to protecting and supporting automotive business owners.

That’s the MTA difference.


Workplaces can be a minefield. With employment contracts, disciplinary and termination procedures, ReturnToWorkSA claims or unfair dismissals it can be difficult for you to know the best course to take, and expensive if you get it wrong.

You will have access to expert industrial relations advice and information, and representation from industry experts. Up-to-date wage rates, superannuation tables, employee handbooks and fact sheets are all available to members online. Best of all, this support is all automotive industry-specific, and exists to benefit you as a member, not the bottom line of a law firm.

The MTA’s Workplace Services Department can help you stay on the right side of the law. Professionals are available to provide you with assistance, information and representation on health and safety obligations (state and national law), workers compensation, environmental obligations and sustainability practices. When it comes to all-important health, safety and environmental work practices, the MTA has developed industry-specific products, policies, procedures, guidance and templates to support your business.


The MTA brand is highly regarded. Our Customer Promise Certificate is the mark of the automotive professional. The MTA is promoted to consumers through advertising, media initiatives, marketing and sponsorships. As a member you are entitled to display the MTA brand on your business premises, leveraging a known and trusted name that gives consumers confidence.


Hiring an apprentice is a great step for your business to take. But there can be a lot of paperwork and hassle. Having the automotive apprentice experts on hand saves time and is great insurance.

The MTA’s Training and Employment Centre recruits only high performing applicants and qualified trainers and field officer to provide regular monitoring visits, keeping track of schooling, apprenticeship progression, and making it easier for you to get on with your job. We can also provide training for your directly employed apprentice or help you recruit one for your own business.


Be on top of the latest industry trends. The MTA regularly provides insights that directly benefit your business. You will be the first to benefit from this knowledge with information channels that are designed to suit you.


You can take an active part in an MTA Industry Committee representing your sector. This way you can help set the policy agenda and drive positive change for the automotive industry. It’s also a great way to network and stay on top of the latest trends.

Led by our Member driven Industry Committees; the MTA advocates to State and Federal Governments for a stronger automotive industry. Belonging to a powerful group of more than 1,100 South Australian businesses, who employ more than 15,500 people, under respected MTA brand, will empower your business.


The MTA membership can save you money. The MTA has negotiated cost saving business deals to help your bottom line, including banking, site cleanup, repair data, suppliers, superannuation and many more. Taking advantage of these carefully selected offers from trusted partners easily pays for your MTA membership.

If you would like to know more about how the MTA can help your business, email us here