Panel Beating

Panel Beaters repair damage to metal, plastic and fibreglass bodywork on vehicles, and make and form vehicle panels using machines and hand tools.

Entry into your apprenticeship

Year 11 or 12 is preferred
Successful completion of MTA's Pre-Selection Test

Your apprenticeship consists of:

  • On the job training: training received at a Host Employer.
  • Off the job training: this is undertaken at MTA Group Training Scheme Inc's Registered Training Organisation or other RTO
  • Contract Duration: Has normally been 4 years but recent changes allow for a competency based training approach for possible earlier completion

Employment Opportunities:

Panel Beaters are employed by crash repairers, new and used car dealers and motor vehicle manufacturers.

Panel Beaters may progress to supervisory and management position, especially in larger organisations. Some also go on to become loss assessors in insurance companies.

Tasks that may be completed by a Panel Beater

  • Removing damaged panels and parts by unbolting or cutting them away
  • Removing dents by hammering panels with a planishing hammer or wooden mallet
  • Using oxy-acetylene and electric welding equipment to cut and join replacement sections or damaged panels
  • Straightening badly damaged vehicles using mechanical and hydraulic equipment
  • Filling depressions with fibreglass or plastic fillers, filing, grinding and sanding repaired surfaces using power and hand tools
  • Fitting repaired panels on the framework of the vehicle and refitting body hardware, such as door locks and door trims
  • Replacing badly damaged sections with new or second hand panels
  • Realigning chassis and body frames, and use chassis alignment machines and measuring systems
  • Remove and replace accident related mechanical items and auto electric components
  • Assisting vehicle body builders to build custom designed, specialty or vintage vehicles
  • Assisting with spray painting vehicles

Personal Requirements

  • Ability to work with hand tools and machines
  • Ability to visualise the end product
  • Technical aptitude
  • Enjoy practical and manual work
  • Good hand-eye coordination
  • Good colour vision


Certificate III in Automotive Body Repair Technology AUR32116 is delivered through the MTA RTO (Provider number 2293).