New Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct

Ongoing negotiations between insurers and the Body Repair Industry have uncovered the need for many changes to combat the ‘grey areas’ associated with the 2016 Motor Vehicle Insurance and Repair Industry Code of Conduct.
The new Code has introduced many new concepts, including:
  • The ability for a resolved dispute to be recorded as a binding agreement.
  • Tighter requirements for Code Approved Assessors and the creation of a new Code for Approved Estimators, designed to improve consumer confidence in the repair industry.
  • Addressing vehicle assessment delays and allowable emergency repairs.
The Code will still only be useful if we implement it. It is vital to keep filling in the IDR forms and sending them to James Kollias at the MTA so that any breaches can be actioned.
Collecting and recording IDR’s is the best way we can convince stakeholders such as Government of the enormity of the issue. Lack of evidence gives the insurance industry the opportunity to dismiss our claims that there is a problem.