MTA goes global with essential Electric / Hybrid Vehicles training.

As the only HEV / BEV course in South Australia and very few Australia wide, the MTA Training and Employment Centre last week saw automotive mechanics from overseas obtaining vital insights into the inner workings of the hybrid and electric motors of the future.

MTA Trainer and Assessor Steve Richardson took seven mechanics from Singapore through the essentials of HEV / BEV servicing covering a number of course components over five days including:

  • Depowering battery electric vehicles 
  • Servicing and maintaining battery electric vehicles 
  • Testing and repairing high voltage battery systems in battery electric vehicles
  • Diagnosing and repairing system instrumentation and safety interlocks in battery electric vehicles
  • Testing high voltage batteries in hybrid electric vehicles 
  • Deactivating and reinitialising power supplies in hybrid electric vehicles Servicing and maintaining electrical components in hybrid electric vehicles

Last year, the MTA saw participants in our HEV / BEV course from Fiji and New Zealand and we are excited to be part of the electric vehicle expansion across the globe. We are actively engaging with the local automotive industry in this evolving technology as well, providing training for local automotive businesses such as Adelaide Motors and sole traders in regional areas where an uptake of hybrid and electric vehicles is also being seen.  

If you are interested in attending a HEV / BEV course or have an employee or apprentice who you would like to enrol in the course, contact RTO Manager Mario Marrone by clicking here.