Important HVIS tender information

As many members are aware, the MTA was involved in advocating for mandatory vehicle inspections for more than 40 years and has now been heavily involved in shaping stage one of the current Heavy Vehicle Inspection Scheme.

The MTA has taken the next step in this process and has lodged a tender for the delivery of end to end system management rights over stage two of the Scheme. 

The tender sought to maximise member and industry involvement in the Scheme while minimising administration costs for businesses, ensuring that the Scheme runs efficiently and cost effectively. 

The number of members wishing to participate in the MTA’s tender was extremely encouraging. 

There will now be a wait until the outcome of the tender process is known, with indications from the State Government that registered stakeholders will be notified of decisions in May for a July 1 start. 

If you have any questions about the MTA’s tender, please contact Nathan Robinson by clicking here