High quality apprentices require high quality trainers

With the need to hire more apprentices to address the skills shortage and deliver in industry training, quality trainers are essential. This greater demand for MTA apprentices, particularly vehicle painters where we are training some 71 per cent of apprentice commencements, has led to the need to have a new Vehicle Painter trainer.
With over 30 years in the automotive industry, new MTA trainer Rob Capelli brings with him a wealth of knowledge and experience, and is keen to impart all he knows to our young apprentices.
“Since I started here over a month ago I have been blown away by the professionalism and size of the MTA. Training the apprentices to be the best they can be is why I am here,” Rob said.
Rob has always loved cars and enjoyed painting them from a young age. He moved to Australia as a five year old from Abruzzo, Italy and couldn’t speak a word of English when he first started primary school.
“I was given an ultimatum by my parents, to stay in school or get a job, so I got a job,” Rob said.
“I left high school at 13 to become an apprentice spray painter. I was doing resprays at the age of 14 at Romano Crash in Glynde. Once I finished my apprenticeship, I took over the business as Manager for the next 6 years.”
After Romano Crash Rob painted buses, opened his own crash repair shop, got married, then returned to Romano Crash where he stayed on as Business Manager for another seven years.
It was at that stage Rob was looking for a career change, spending the next six years running a restaurant, Café Hollywood in North Adelaide. Even though Rob enjoyed the restaurant business, his love of the automotive industry didn’t wane and he returned to what he knew best.
After another stint managing a crash repair shop, Rob then moved to PPG Industries Australia. PPG Industries is one of the biggest automotive paint suppliers in the world, with an office in every Australian capital city, with its headquarters based in Pittsburgh, USA. The MTA uses PPG Industries paint for its vehicle painter training.
It was there Rob got the teaching bug in his role as Territory Manager, where he was able to broaden his skills as a trainer by conducting internal training.
“My experience in the automotive industry as well as the training skills I learnt and developed over time led me to apply for the role with the MTA,” Rob said.
A very modest Rob works hard and is very good at what he does.
“To witness a young teenager/adult go from an apprentice to a full tradesperson is truly rewarding, and knowing I had an influence on their journey is a truly satisfying feeling.” Rob said.
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