Get I-CAR accredited with the MTA’s Training and Employment Centre

Major collision repair damage requires a great level of expertise and welding is a critical skill. Even though a customer may believe that their car has been properly repaired, poor welds can lead to part failure and compromise safety for vehicle passengers. 

The collision repair industry has an obligation to correctly repair a customer’s vehicle. If any items on a repair agreement are not consistent with the repair order, this can be considered fraud. While insurance companies put enormous pressure on repairers to reduce costs, repairers can reduce the risk of liability exposure by ensuring staff are I-CAR trained. 

The MTA’s Trainer and Assessor Dave Pullman can deliver the I-CAR Qualification Course (WQPA3) and the I-CAR Welding Qualification Test (WCSA3) to your staff, including apprentices at 4th year level. 

Dave says that the last two groups that have come through for the Qualification Course have all left with new insights and knowledge of MIG, MAG and spot welding. “All the participants said they learnt something from the course and it was definitely an ‘eye opener’ into what it takes to be an expert in welding. I take the training very seriously and it is designed not only to test you but improve you. As repairers, we all have a responsibility to ensure that customer’s cars are repaired properly to OEM standards and being I-CAR accredited definitely takes your staff to the next level.”

The I-CAR Qualification Course (WQPA3) takes participants through industry standard welding techniques, ensuring operation, welding joins and identified defects are resolved. For more information about I-CAR accredited training and certification, click here to download the Welding Qualification Test (WCSA3) flyer. For more information about the Qualification Course (WQPA3), click here

To enroll in one either the course or the test, click here or call the Training and Employment Centre on 8241 0522.