Christmas trading hours

Part Public Holidays & Implications for members under the modern Vehicle Award.

Members are reminded of the two part-day public holidays on Sunday 24/12/2017 and Sunday 31/12/2017 which will continue to apply in addition to the traditional public holidays over the Christmas period. These include Christmas Day (Public Holiday- Monday 25/12/2017), Proclamation Day (Public Holiday- Tuesday 26/12/2017) and New Year’s Day (Public Holiday- Monday 1/01/2018). 

The part-day public holidays will apply from 7 pm to 12 midnight on both 24/12/2017 and 31/12/2017. 

The terms in relation to the part–day public holidays under the modern Vehicle award are set out in Schedule G of the Award. The payments are summarised as follows:

Permanent (Full time and Part time staff) 

  • If not required to work – to be paid the ordinary hours that would normally have been worked between 7pm and 12 am
  • If required to work between 7pm and 12am – payments at 250% for time actually worked.
  • For permanent R/House/Driveway Attendants/ & Console Operators - payment is double time for time actually worked during such period.

Casuals (Other than Roadhouse/Driveway Attendants/Console Operators)

  • If required to work between 7pm &12 am - payment at 275% of relevant f/time hourly rate for time actually worked during this period i.e. same rates at weekend and public holiday (refer to Clause 41.1, page 10 of the Wage Schedule)

Casuals  (Roadhouse/Driveway Attendants/ Console Operators)

  • If required to work between 7pm & 12am - payment as per Clause 36 for time actually worked during this period  (refer to page 9 of the Wage Schedule)

Please note that in relation to the obligation under the Award to afford a permanent employee a minimum engagement of 4 hours on a public holiday, this only applies where overtime is required to be worked on such days and where it is not continuous with overtime that commenced earlier.

Normal public holiday payments on the other public holidays will continue to apply as in previous years. Members unclear on the application of payments affecting public holidays should contact our Workplace Relations team by clicking here.