Apprentices starting 2018 with hard work and determination. 

Chylle Sumampong, soon to commence at Pulse Auto and Nicholas Pate, hosted at Jarvis Subaru are two apprentices who are definitely starting the year with the right attitude for success. Both apprentices may only be six weeks into their training but they are already showing passion for all things automotive. 

Chylle has been working on his Proton Wira for a while, turning it into a track car which he hopes to race one day. Chylle has a knack for custom fabrications and before commencing his training with the MTA, he explained how he modified family and friends’ cars. 

“I started out doing some basic servicing but I have moved on to custom fabrication which involves a lot of welding. I have installed custom exhausts, made custom roof racks and I really enjoy just getting stuck into it.”

“I need to figure out problems and I hate leaving jobs unfinished. If I need to go online, ask someone a question and figure out why something isn’t working. I will, but sometimes you need to teach yourself how to do something. It’s important not to give up on yourself and persist with solving a problem. The MTA has certainly developed my skills further and given me a greater knowledge of what I am doing in the workshop.”

Speaking with Nicholas, it is immediately clear that working on cars is what he wants to do. Having spent a lot of time working on his Volkswagen Golf Mk6 and growing up around his uncle’s lawnmower business fixing small engines, Nicholas has always had a passion for fixing motors. 

“I just finished Year 12 at Cabra Dominican College. For two years I was doing work experience at Westbourne Park Auto Repairs which is just across the street from school. They let me have hands on experience doing wheel balancing, clutches and basic servicing. It’s a family business and they taught me to have compassion for the customer and really listening to what consumers want.”

Nicholas is now hosted at Jarvis Subaru and his host gets him to learn as much as possible. 

“New technology, such as electric cars are a hurdle that the industry needs to get over. The guys at Jarvis Subaru show me everything new that comes through the door and how it works. I really enjoyed my holidays washing cars there as well, showing initiative and always looking for extra things to add value in the workshop.”

Group Training Organisation Manager Jason Polgreen said both Chylle and Nicholas show rare qualities in automotive apprentices. 

“Hearing Nicholas talk about helping his host throughout the holiday period, not just servicing cars but happily going the extra mile by washing cars as well is commendable. An attitude like that will definitely serve him well throughout his career.”

If you would like to take on a MTA trained apprentice, you can contact Group Training Organisation Manager Jason Polgreen by clicking here