Being a industry host takes all the worry out of employing an apprentice.

The full cost of hosting an MTA apprentice/trainee is tax deductable.

Offers flexible staffing with only 7 days notice required to the MTA-GTS of the apprentice/trainee finishing with the host employer (no reason required).

Minimum of 3 months hosting required or the full term of their contract of training.

No recruiting costs – advertising, testing, medicals or time spent interviewing – reduce paperwork.

Hand picked people with a genuine interest in the industry.

The MTA-GTS remains the legal employer for the full term of the contract of training. Host employers are not legally bound to the Contract of Training.

The MTA-GTS is responsible for WorkCover, superannuation, annual leave, sick leave, wages, payroll tax, training fees and tool allowance.

Apprentices are equipped with their own tools (if required), overalls and personal protective equipment (PPE).

Apprentices complete a full-time training program of up to 10 weeks prior to being hosted out into the industry. This equips the apprentice with basic skills so they can be productive from day one and provides them with the critical knowledge of Occupational Health Safety and Welfare to help prevent injuries.

The host employer is only invoiced for the apprentice’s time on-the-job that is: not trade school, annual leave, sick days and public holidays.

Apprentices and host employers are visited every 2 months and a progress report is completed on progress.

The charge-out rate includes all costs, that is: superannuation, payroll tax, medical, sick leave, annual leave loading, training fees, personal development training, tool allowance and personal protective equipment (PPE).

For more information contact the MTA Group Training Scheme (08) 8241 0522 or email

Important Documents for Hosts

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